Asalaamualaikum, Greetings of Peace.

Please remember that the MRU is not an emergency response service. In an emergency, please contact the correct emergency service.

  • Flying Squad: 10111
  • Lenasia SAPS: 011 213 6000
  • Emergency Medical or Fire Services: 10177


The Muslim Response Unit (MRU) is a premier organisation and a recognised leader in incident response in the community. The MRU enables teams to effectively respond to incidents impacting the community by providing access to best practices, tools and trusted communication with member teams.

The MRU has been established for over 5 years and operates within the Laws of South Africa as a division of Know Islam Inc Reg. No: 2007/008333/08.

We are registered as a Private Security service provider by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. Registration number: 2514476
Managing Director Afzal Omar – South Africa.

  • Friendly, highly-trained security officers from your community ‎
  • Experienced local management
  • Expertise in a variety of industries‎ in order to meet your temporary, emergency and last-minute security needs‎
  • Security screened, SAPS screened Security Officers‎
  • On-Demand Security

When you need us, we’ll be there. We will provide responsive support for your short-term coverage needs, including:

  • Advanced customer service
  • Rapid access to extra security officers and industry experts
  • Emergency response plans
  • Knowledge of the Security industry regulations‎.

Let us help:
Contact a Security Specialist today to discuss your needs: Call 078-MRU-HELP‎

Our members are purely voluntary and come from various backgrounds, including highly skilled professionals and business members. A through screening of all applications and members ensure that only the cream of the crop are allowed to proudly wear the MRU badge.

Doing service for humanity is one of the greatest ways we can show our devotion to God. All of the revealed scriptures place great emphasis on helping others. In Islam, helping others and solving their problems is not only an important virtue, it is also a profound act of worship. It is a means of righteousness that promotes peace on Earth and allows us to earn God’s eternal reward in the Hereafter.

Hazrat Abû Hurayrah quotes the Prophet (peace be upon him) as saying: “A man was going on his way when he saw brambles in the path. He moved these out of the way. Allah so esteemed his virtuous act that He granted him forgiveness.” (Sahih Muslim)

All MRU members are PSIRA and SASSETA accredited. A detailed process occurs where every potential applicant is vetted, screened and trained. None of the MRU members have criminal records or any ITC judgements.

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Mission & Vision Statements


  • To serve our community with integrity, diversity, and quality.
  • To provide proactive interaction with the community to enhance the feeling of well-being in the community.


Mission Statement

  • The Muslim Response Unit, in partnership with our community, is committed to serve the needs of the greater community by providing an efficient and effective level of service through social & crime prevention programmes.



  • To adhere to the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa as well as the Bill of rights.
  • To provide a fair, unbiased and professional service to our community.
  • To treat our community with compassion and understanding.
  • To follow Community Policing Forum and Sector Policing principles by working together and in unison.
  • To be approachable, courteous and open to all members of our community
  • Safety is a fundamental human right
  • People are at the heart of making communities safer places in which to live, work, learn, travel and play; and
  • Everybody has a responsibility to promote & maintain their safety & the safety of others.
  • The mission of Project MRU’s Humanitarian Assistance program is twofold; provide emergency assistance where needed in our community and strengthen our various programs and facilities with trained volunteers ready to respond and make a difference.


Our Services Include:

• Aiding accident and crime victims
• Arbitrating neighborhood and domestic disputes
• Providing emergency medical and social services
• Working with residents and local businesses to improve neighbourhood conditions
• Controlling automobile and pedestrian traffic,
• Providing emergency social services and referrals to those at risk (e.g., adolescent runaways, the homeless, the intoxicated, and the mentally ill), Protecting the exercise of constitutional rights Providing a model of citizenship (helpfulness, respect for others, honesty, and fairness) in the communities in which we interact.
• Aiding victims during floods, Winter and adverse conditions
If you would like to join the MRU, view this page for more information: